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Modeling agencies are the glue that holds talent, advertising agencies and fashion designers together. They are involved in all aspects of the talent development process, and they employ agents to professionally manage models' business affairs. Because the fashion industry is highly competitive, agencies are in great demand to keep the process running smoothly from start to finish.

For agencies, models are a long-term financial investment. They will put forth a great deal of time and money to make sure their clients reach their top potential. Agencies are involved in all areas of a model's career, such as training, booking, billing and - most importantly - contractual negotiations. They make their money through commission (between 20 percent to 40 percent), which is why they are so invested in their clients' careers. If models don't make money, agencies won't either.

Being part of a modeling agency is necessary to succeeding in the fashion industry. We will put a model in contact with top photographers, promotioners, sckouts...

We hold castings to open new names for the fashion world, to let hundreds, thousands, millions of people learn your name.

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